Our Story


Achillea & Co.

Our mission is to empower you to make better, healthier choices so you can live better. We envision a world in which every human has access to superior holistic health that enables them to live life on their own terms– and not chronic disease’s.

We believe we can all feel our best to live exceptionally.


Amanda + Gabe

Our story began in the Canadian Prairies, where the winters are harsh, the skies are open, and community is heart and soul.

It’s this community spirit that drives us to do what we do.

Small town living gifts its people with an appreciation for the little things. To find joy and beauty in simplicity. To make the best of what you have. To work hard for yourself, your family, environment, and community. But working hard means living hard, and sometimes, finding optimal health takes a backseat to the hustle of modern life.

The truth is, there are too many natural health supplements available that just don’t work. Most of the products we’ve researched and tried (hundreds!) aren’t potent enough, aren’t researched enough, and do little in helping those struggling with chronic disease feel better.  Achieving optimal health shouldn’t be hard, and living simply shouldn’t be so complicated.

We built Achillea & Co. on over a decade of professional experience, research and wellness advocacy. Our culture is steeped in honesty and a steadfast commitment to helping others choose and live their own adventure.

Join us as we strive to help you live life on your own terms, joyously.

Everyone, anywhere, can achieve a higher health standard – without sacrificing what they love.

- Achillea + Co.


Only The Exceptional

We research, try and analyze every single product that graces our shelves, ensuring all of them are full of evidence-based, medical grade goodness.

This means we know everything we offer has the most impact and will make the most difference to your life.



ethical & responsible


Building Sustainable, Healthy Futures

Everything we do has an impact on people, their health, and the community as a whole. We value environmental and social responsibility and believe that if we work together, we can protect our health– and one world– together.


We Value Nature

We’ve pledged 1% of total annual sales to the preservation and restoration of nature and our planet.

We Walk The Talk

We have a program that supports increased access to healthcare for underserved communities & individuals.

We Prioritize Education

Ignorance is not bliss. We’re committed to breaking down barriers to holistic health, and weave educational initiatives and social responsibility continuously into the fabric of our company.